For the 1st Time in India,

Presents Retentive Disinfection.

Tested and Proven!

Retentive disinfectant are madde of 'Quat' chemicals have been pproved by USA's Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) as a Tier 1 disinfectant against Coronavirus. Its vercidal properties have also been approved by the Indian Central Drugs Standard control Organization(CDSCO)

Why Retentive Disinfection is better...?

Ordinary Sodium Hypochlorite disinfects a surface only for a few hours. The moment it gets wiped away, the surface can get contaminated once again. But GermRIP uses Silane Quat - a retentive disinfectant that sticks and creates a layer on the surface that can stay for upto 90 days.

How Retentive Disinfection disables Coronavirus.

Coronavirus is a negatively charged RNA enveloped in shell of proteins and lipids. When a surface is coated with Silane Quat, it bonds bond physically and chemically with the surface creating a positively charged biostic layer. This positively charges layer attarcts and grabs charged virusees and destryes the enveloping shell, instatanly on contact. Without the shell, the virus becomes unviable. Simple cleaning of this surface removes the dead debris from the positively charged get layer. It regenrates the layer thereby keeping it intact and effective for minimum of 90 days.

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GermRIP Retentive Disinfection, with head offices in Mumbai is India’s fastest growing disinfectant services brand. Till date, it has sanitized 36 million square feet of commercial, office and retail spaces. Its major clients include Indian Railways and many leading private and PSU firms. With its workforce of 350+, GermRIP is committed to helping India fight Covid 19 and put India back on track.